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Growers learn about tile design

Tile plow demos were offered by Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth last month / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – Nu-Ag Technology of Chatsworth offered two days of tile plow and design demonstrations this summer and experienced a good turnout and decent weather.

“We installed a couple of sub-mains yesterday with six inch tile and now we’re running a four inch patterned tile system in this farm,” explained Nu-Ag Technology owner Tim McGreal.

The system is used to drain low spots in a field and to address those neglected areas over the years. During the past few years, McGreal has installed 250,000 feet of tile on his own farms.

“We helped a lot of other guys improve theirs with the same process,” McGreal added.

The Nu-Ag Technology event was among the many field demos hosted by Soil Max this year. A product specialist for the tile plow maker, Ryan Zook, was on hand to discuss the latest features. The Chatsworth event was geared toward current customers that already have a product.

“Guys are getting some hands on experience on how to actually run the thing that they bought,” Zook said.

According to Zook, this has been a decent year for Soil Max. If this fall’s weather is similar to last year’s, expect to see a lot of tile go into the ground over the next several months.

Soil Max is based out of Brazil, Indiana and offers three different tile plow and stringer cart models. For more on the company, visit or call them direct at 888-SOILMAX. Meanwhile, Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth can be reached at 815-635-3011 or at

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