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Agronomist sees 'phenomenal' crops

A corn plot is shown south of Weston in McLean County / CIFN photo.

A field agronomist believes the crops look great across east central Illinois.

This positive observation from Brad Rademacher of DuPont Pioneer comes despite some sudden death in soybeans just to our east and reports of gray leaf spot on a few corn plants.

“The yields just look phenomenal from what we’re seeing. It looks like we’re shaping up with a nice big corn crop out here,” Rademacher said.

Soybeans may have gotten a little taller than most would like to see, but we can still expect an overall good soybean crop this season. Rademacher covers an area of east central Illinois and expects some farmers to start harvesting corn Labor Day weekend, with harvest really getting going in mid-September.

“There are some things starting to black layer.”

Rademacher said soybeans remain a bit more complicated than corn with all of the new technologies coming to market and how to control waterhemp.

“With Pioneer, we are launching Roundup Ready Extend soybeans which will give growers another tool to control waterhemp.”

Seed use has been authorized for this new technology, but growers are waiting for herbicide approval. Companies are hopeful for the green light in time for the upcoming 2017 growing season.

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