Rauner visits El Paso farm

Gov. Bruce Rauner chats with visitors to the Schlipf farm on Tuesday / CIFN photo.

EL PASO – Gov. Bruce Rauner paid a visit to a Woodford County farm Tuesday urging lawmakers to vote on term limits this fall during the state’s veto session.

The stop along Route 24 at the Schlipf farm near El Paso came on the heels of a Cook County judge ruling against putting a measure on the ballot which would create independently drawn legislative maps.

“We’re at a key turning point for Illinois,” Rauner said. “The people have asked for reform. In 2014 600,000 petition signatures came on to request term limits and fair maps.”

Rauner said “career politicians” used the court system to keep fair maps off the ballot.

“We’ve got to stand against this. We can’t have career politicians taking away the voice of the people.”

State Sen. Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington) agreed that the state needs to reform the way in which decisions are made.

“We need to change the manner in which the maps are drawn and take that power away from the political establishment and give it back to voters,” Barickman explained.

A news release from Rauner’s office notes more than 88 percent of candidates in the state legislature faced no opposition in their primary and two-thirds will face no opposition in the general election

“Cynics will say this is an impossible dream to get term limits voted on by this legislature. But that dream can become reality if the people of Illinois demand it,” Rauner added.

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