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Heat, storms on the way

Extreme heat is on its way to Central Illinois but it won’t last long, according to one meteorologist.

Michael Clark from BAM Wx of Indianapolis says things will turn hot and dry for around 5-7 days as a heat ridge moves in late next week. Some locations could even see readings around 100 but temperatures should moderate after this period. Clark was a speaker at Tuesday’s agronomy meeting hosted by the McLean County Farm Bureau at the ISU Farm near Lexington.

Clark also predicts a damaging cluster of storms impacting portions of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio on Monday and Tuesday. Clark cautioned the audience not to base everything on one computer model and weather cannot be forecasted based on statistics only.

“There are several different computer models. They all stand for different things,” Clark explained.

According to Clark, we have never had a year that has behaved like this one when it comes to weather so there is really nothing to compare this year to.

For more about BAM Wx, visit:

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