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Fungicide application around the corner

GRIDLEY – Now that soybean spraying is finishing up, thoughts turn to aerial fungicide applications on corn, which is just around the corner.

Some tassels are starting to show and that means it is almost time to start thinking about application.

“When the field is fully tasseled out, you’ve got a pretty good window to be able to get that application done,” explained Bill Roth, plant manager for the Brandt Consolidated Gridley location.

Soybean fungicide application is a few weeks away as many of the plants are now starting to get good blooms.

“We’re looking for that R3 or R4 window,” Roth adds.

Roth has noticed more herbicide resistance with weeds this year. The approval of Extend or Enlist soybeans next year could help solve the problem but growers will have to change their strategy if this does not happen.

“Basically, we’ve got to have a philosophy of just never letting weeds come up to begin with,” Roth said.

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