Water management increases bottom line

A tile plow is displayed over the summer near Chatsworth from Nu-Ag Technology / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – Proper drainage is everything. Just ask representatives of Soil Max, a maker of do-it-yourself tile plows.

Some dealers are seeing those most interest they’ve had in years on tile plows. Ryan Zook, product specialist for Soil Max, feels it all comes down to a few not so great years for agriculture.

“With the proper water management, you’re increasing that bottom line without increasing inputs,” Zook said during this summer’s demo day hosted by Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

According to Zook, the Soil Max tile plow is easy to use along with the control system. The biggest factor includes finding the help and time to do a project. If you can get three people for a week, you could get 50 to 100 acres done fairly easy.

“With the down economy, growers are trying to increase the profitability of the ground as much as possible.”

While talking with growers at various farm shows and other events, Zook has found they want to actually see a tile plow in the ground – not just watch a video about it. They also want to see the ground conditions and know what it is like under the soil.

“They can also climb in the cab, see the button pressing and see how easy it really is,” said Zook.

During the summer demonstration hosted by Nu-Ag near Chatsworth, visitors learned about the different correction signals which can be used for tiling and the return on investment opportunities. Representatives from Ag Leader discussed the control system called Intellislope and growers headed to the field to watch tile installation.

“We are very happy with the turnout, especially with all of the conditions going on,” Zook added.

More information can be found at the website www.soilmax.com which has a dealer locater and a list of various company products. Soil Max can be reached at: 888-SOILMAX.

Local information can be obtained by contacting Tim or J.D. at Nu-Ag Technology.

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