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View from the Cab: Year of opportunity

By: Kent Casson

A new year full of opportunity is here.

Our clean slate is whatever we make of it during 2023. Let’s make it the best year yet. That is certainly my hope for those of us in agriculture. While it may be hard to top last year’s record yields and high prices, there is always the chance for success no matter how you look at it.

A surprising stretch of unusual mild winter weather greeted us as the calendar turned over last week. I take credit for bringing some of the pleasant temperatures from our holiday beach vacation back to Central Illinois. However, I won’t take credit for those isolated tornadoes which were reported in the state Tuesday afternoon.

The Jamaican vacation with Rebecca’s family was a great time for all of us – complete with relaxation and countless memories. This was only my second trip out of the country and the first time I ever left our Illinois winter behind for a warmer climate. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I could get used to putting my feet up and watching the waves crashing into the shore.

Kasen, Kenadee and Kaislee had never seen the ocean until this trip and it had been a while since Rebecca and I enjoyed the sand below our feet. Splashes of salt water and the warm tropical waters are things you don’t forget. The weather was perfect down there with afternoon highs in the middle-80s and only a few rain drops on our final morning.

I must admit I am still acquiring a taste for different food from around the world but it was interesting to experience popular dishes from other countries. I may be a simple man, but I will take my steak and potatoes anytime. Or, perhaps a bucket of fried chicken and a thick beef burger.

We did not experience any travel issues or delays and arrived home in time to ring in the new year prior to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Then, we caught up on our sleep after a busy travel day before it was back to the grind and reality.

Now I continue to play catch-up at the desk, making plans for farming and business in 2023. The calendar is once again filling up and farm show and meeting season will soon resume. Count on the Central Illinois Farm Network as always for complete coverage of local agriculture. You’ll see us out and about at the equipment shows, farm meetings and county fairs.

It was fun to relive some of the top ag stories of the past year when putting together my annual CIFN montage to run on the radio.


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