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View from the Cab: Spring in the Air

A wet field is shown last week in McLean County / CIFN photo.

By: Kent Casson

Spring is in the air – meteorological spring that is.

People seemed to have an extra bounce in their step last week as we saw our first 50-degree day in a long time. It felt like an eternity ago when we last went outside and didn’t freeze within the first few minutes. Our kids had fun playing on the melting snow pile while it lasted. They were able to wear snow pants with only a sweatshirt last Tuesday afternoon.

It was just a week before this when the wind chills were hovering near zero as I pulled the kids around the farm on a sled tied behind the Gator. What a difference a few days can make here in Illinois!

Some have said they spotted robins in the yard but I have not. I guess this is a sign warmer weather can’t be too far off. One person I follow on Facebook reported a flock of geese flying back north. This could also be a sign of better weather days ahead. I recall doing some pre-season fieldwork in March during the drought year of 2012. While we don’t want it that dry, it was nice to get out there early.

I did spot the first tractor driving on the road the other day and a few shed doors have opened up on the recent sunny afternoons. It is much more comfortable to work on equipment in a non-heated shed when the temperature is in the low 50s compared to the 30s or lower.

Has anyone seen that one person who always wears shorts when the weather turns mild or that one motorcycle out on the road? It is only a matter of time. In fact, some may be getting out their convertibles and golf carts if it stays mild.

We will see where Mother Nature leads us as we embark on another Central Illinois growing season but long range forecasts are calling for a wet spring with above normal temperatures. I don’t mind the mild temperatures but hopefully we won’t get flooded out for several weeks.

Farm meeting season continues even though many events are taking place virtually this year due to the pandemic. From anhydrous ammonia safety training to marketing and livestock issues, there are plenty of topics being covered by the experts. Many of these meetings can be accessed online for playback once they are done.


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