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View from the Cab: Reassuring words

One of Kent's views in early October / CIFN photo.

By: Kent Casson

We’ll get it done. We always do.

These are very reassuring words from the farming community when it comes to finishing a harvest season. I sure hope it is true this year after abundant rains in recent weeks have really delayed things out here in farm country. We are trying to stay positive as it is only early November, but there are still quite a few beans standing out in the fields.

I crack up at some of the beliefs we have as farmers, like “what will the neighbors think?” Think of what? The grass that didn’t get mowed perfectly, a few spilled seeds out in the field or that field we haven’t even harvested yet? Trust me, at this point in the game no one cares about that trivial stuff.

Do yields tend to be top-secret information on your operation? I know some farmers will gladly share the information while others are more reluctant. To each his own, I guess. Since I have always been the one working in media, I was told not to share that confidential information. Now that I have my own fields, I could share the details but I won’t. Let’s just say 300-bushel corn and 100-bushel soybeans. Can we leave it at that?

The things that really matter in the end are that we come home safe to our families each night and that we are happy. Those of us in farming must love what we do otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. Those long days and short nights of the rushed harvest season seem to be worth it. We are often blessed with yields that are better than we deserve.

This 2021 harvest season has had its share of challenges – but what season doesn’t? We have to trust in the good Lord that some sunnier days and warmer weather will prevail during November so we can put this year in the books. In addition to finishing-up harvest, many growers would like to do more fall tillage, fertilizer applications and put on fall ammonia.

We were able to take some time last week to celebrate our youngest daughter Kaislee’s third birthday. Seems like just yesterday when she was born! We were also able to watch Dad blow out the candles on his cake for his birthday which was the very next day. The kids had a good time trick-or-treating on Halloween as we ended the month of October. Now, it is on to a new month with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

It was only two years ago at this time when we had an unheard of amount of snow on the ground for this early in the season. Let’s hope that is still a few weeks off at least. We had to finally give in a fire up the furnace for the first time last week. Brrr.


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