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View from the Cab: Planting with Pebbles?

By: Kent Casson

Did you ever have one of those nights where you toss and turn yet have dream after dream?

This happened to me the other night and I think it was a sign spring can’t be too far off. The long, dark and cold winter must be getting to me as I was watching crops grow and planting seeds in my sleep. My mind must be focused on the season ahead because I haven’t been in a tractor for months.

Just like Tim McGraw sang about in the late 1990s, I was watching my corn “pop up in rows” the other night. It seemed so realistic to see those small green plants emerging above the soil with bright sunlight shining down. This certainly beats looking out at those bare fields this time of year with occasional snow cover.

In another dream, I was filling the planter with what was supposed to be soybeans but resembled Fruity Pebbles cereal instead. Kids…don’t try this at home. Never pour Fruity Pebbles into the seed hoppers and expect good results. Even though my planter was being filled with a kid cereal instead of seeds, it still felt good to be out there.

Hard telling what I may dream between now and April. Perhaps I will win a million dollars or even raise 300-bushel corn. You know, 100-bushel soybeans wouldn’t be bad either but I guess I can’t be picky.

Some of us in the farming world are pinching ourselves to see if these higher corn and soybean prices are real. We have seen some nice market rallies over the past several months and let’s keep it coming! Sure, there have been some down days but things are still looking up as of this writing.

The excitement of a bull market could be felt as we were all combining our crops last fall and the price climb began. We are in for that same feeling again this spring during planting if markets continue their upward swing. The question is: how high will they go? Not even the most experienced analysts seem to know the question to that one.

Demand remains strong around the world and we all need to monitor what happens in South America, China, Russia and other growing regions to get a feel for how our markets may respond. I have a feeling we are in for a wild ride in 2021 and February is already here.

Sweet dreams.


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