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View from the Cab: New growth at ISA

By: Kent Casson

Growth at the Illinois Soybean Association is leading to the need for additional space.

The ISA office will relocate to a new building at 1108 Trinity Lane in Bloomington this fall. The organization’s team has grown, which has led to enhanced farmer service and cost efficiencies. ISA has transitioned to a high-quality service model.

As an association, ISA developed a strategic direction which puts Illinois soybean farmers at the center of its work, programs and messaging, all in the service of staying connected to the growers who pay into the checkoff and membership programs.

“We’ve learned that by growing our staff and moving talent and professional expertise in-house, we are better able to serve Illinois farmers with efficiency and cost effectiveness,” said ISA Chairman Steve Pitstick.

Through the physical expansion, soybean farmers in Illinois are investing in the volunteer farmer leaders and staff who are working for them day in and day out. Accoring to Pitstick, this opportunity will better enable ISA to support growing opportunities for the soy industry and work collaboratively with other Illinois agriculture organizations.

ISA’s Chicago office will also undergo a move from the original location to a more user-friendly location in Lombard to better serve Chicago legislative districts and urban partners as part of the new strategic direction.

“The Lombard office was a strategic choice, selected for its improved accessibility for Chicagoland legislators,” explained Brad Daugherty, ISA government relations chair. “It’s the perfect locale to host meetings and guests to further ISA’s policy efforts.”

These new locations will enable ISA to foster collaborative partnerships, grow the team of highly skilled professionals and cultivate opportunities which yield more potential for Illinois farmers. For more on ISA and its relocations, simply e-mail

Over 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois are represented by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff and membership programs. Market development and utilization efforts are funded by the checkoff, while the membership program supports government relations interests of Illinois soybean farmers at the local, state and national levels through the Illinois Soybean Growers.

ISA upholds interests of Illinois soybean producers through promotion, advocacy and education with the vision of becoming a market leader in sustainable soybean production and profitability. More information can be found at and


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