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View from the Cab: Holiday reflections

The Casson Christmas tree is shown close-up.

By: Kent Casson

The most wonderful time of the year is here.

I can hardly believe Christmas is only days away and we are preparing to say goodbye to another year when it seems we were just doing this. This year’s mild weather makes it especially difficult to get into the true holiday spirit as the chances for a white Christmas are fading. For those of you wanting cooler weather, it looks like you will get your wish this week.

Rebecca and the kids are now officially on Christmas break so the house is bustling with activity as little footsteps can be heard running around in anticipation of what Santa may bring on Friday night. We have our annual tradition of taking pictures all dressed up in front of the tree before heading off to church on Christmas Eve and returning home later to leave out cookies and milk.

When we first set out cookies when Kasen was a year old, he practically ate all of the goodies from Santa’s plate. Oh well, I guess there are worse things. We just joined right in and couldn’t help but laugh about it. The best line was when he asked, “Are you kidding me?” at the age of two about our elf who showed up in the Christmas tree. Kids do say the darndest things.

I’m sure all three of our kids will be sitting at the top of the steps early Saturday morning waiting to rush down to see the presents under the tree. Our kids have always been good about waiting upstairs until we are awake, which isn’t always the case as my brother and I used to wake our parents several times starting as early as 4 a.m. Perhaps we are due for some Christmases like this in the near future.

We are blessed as we get to celebrate Christmas morning as a family of five before heading off to Rebecca’s parents for brunch and mine for a late lunch. Holidays tend to be a little busy around here but we are used to it after all of these years. I’m just glad we have an SUV to put all of those presents in from our various stops. Some years it feels as if we need a semi-trailer to haul everything away. We could even use a storage shed outside for all of those toys.

There are plenty of laughs, food, spirits and presents during our celebrations. Then just like that, it is all over for another year. I also hope you are able to celebrate the day with loved ones as we mark the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s all remember the reason for the season and have an unforgettable Christmas here in 2021.


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