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View from the Cab: Farming at Disney

By: Kent Casson

Hard to believe our summer 2022 family vacation is behind us but we all had a week of fun in Florida.

A few sun burns and sweaty t-shirts later, we fondly look back on our Disney World visit near Orlando. The kids had a fun time at the happiest place on Earth and Rebecca and I enjoyed watching the joy on their faces as we entered one of the Disney parks each day.

I couldn’t help but try some fresh seafood while we were down there since we were so close to the ocean, after all. I highly recommend the fresh salmon, although the kids always enjoy the child favorite macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers.

EPCOT always amazes me each time we visit and this time, we enjoyed an exhibit located inside World Nature known as “Living with the Land.” Visitors cruise past greenhouses on a boat tour while discovering the history of farming. The ride is suitable for all ages.

Horticulturalists at Disney World are utilizing innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yielding crops. A variety of vegetables and fruits from around the world are featured in “Living with the Land” this includes edible food crops. A unique fish farm is also displayed, with tilapia, catfish, freshwater shrimp and hybrid striped bass.

Those on the tour can enjoy a nearby meal inside The Land Pavilion at Garden Grill Restaurant or Sunshine Seasons which both serve fresh seafood and produce grown right in the exhibit. Disney’s website refers to this as an “eye-opening tour” with a hopeful vision for the future of farming.

A “Behind the Seeds” tour lets people get a closer look at the insects, fish and plants. The one-hour venture includes a look at the fish farm and four different greenhouses which make up The Land Pavilion. This is perfect for those with an interest in natural sciences are gardening. You can even walk away with a handout featuring ideas for your own garden.

I am always amazed with the walk around the world at EPCOT and the different countries featured with unique food and entertainment offerings. The park also puts on an amazing firework and light show over the lake each evening. We were lucky enough to catch the display toward the end of tour trip.

It is always exciting to see the palm trees from the airplane window when we first arrive, but it is even better to view the vast green fields of corn and soybeans when we return home to good old Central Illinois.


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