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View from the Cab: Another great show

By: Kent Casson

We have flipped the calendar to September and I’m taking a deep breath after all of the ag action I covered last week.

It was another great Farm Progress Show in Decatur and fun seeing everyone out and about at Progress City U.S.A. near Richland Community College.

There were plenty of news items to come out of the show, including the launch of a smart sprayer in the U.S. market. Ecorobotix, a Swiss ag tech and AI software company, introduced the ARA Smart Sprayer. The unique technology is set to transform agriculture with an advanced UHP-Sprayer and Plant-by-Plant AI software solution. ARA has grown its success in 13 European countries and most recently expanded geographically to Canada and South America.

“Expanding to the U.S. is a significant milestone for our company,” said Aurelien G. Demaurex, Ecorobotix co-founder. “We are eager to witness our innovative technology making a positive impact on agriculture worldwide.”

Speaking of sprayers, last week’s Farm Progress Show also featured Solinftec’s Solix sprayer robot, which claims to reduce applied herbicides by up to 95 percent. The ag technology company has reinforced partnerships with the North American Agricultural Cooperatives of Carroll FS, Co-Alliance and Premier Ag, which have already tested the first results generated by the sprayer solution in their crops.

The Solix sprayer is able to make targeted applications of herbicides, allowing efficient control of weeds and preventing their spread and competition for nutrients with the target crop. The sprayer has the capacity to reduce drift during the handling of herbicides since it is a lighter machine with the application process operating at a lower speed with greater boom stability.

This sprayer works integrated with the ALICE artificial intelligence platform which is capable of providing the most appropriate path for wind speed and the best times for spraying crops. It is supported by four solar panels that control the drive system and spray system.

Golden Harvest Seeds celebrated its 50th year by promoting its GHX app during the show. Golden Harvest’s soybean and corn product lineups were featured and show attendees could get an autograph from Golden Harvest racer Sammy Smith. The first 100 visitors received a Golden harvest branded camping chair following the event.

One of the big news items to come out of the BASF media tent included the announcement of BASF’s new Liberty ULTRA herbicide, powered by Glu-L Technology. This will be offered beginning in 2024 and gives farmers in the U.S. a new post knockdown tool for broad spectrum weed control in glufosinate tolerant canola, corn, cotton and soybeans.

I think that’s enough ag news for a few days. See you back in Decatur in two years for the next Illinois show!


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