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Still plenty to do

Fertilizer is spread on an area field this fall / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – Farmers finally had a break in the action from fall tillage, fertilizer application and other fieldwork after some rain fell this week.

It has been a good time to catch up on other things as everyone had a long run with nice weather this fall.

“A lot of fertilizer and lime hit the ground during a good run,” said Brad Schmidgall, plant manager for the Fairbury Brandt location.

Harvest results were variable in Schmidgall’s area. Even though every season is different, all in all it was a good year. Plus, seeing the markets rebound helps everyone keep a positive attitude.

“Some had a tough year with wind events through the middle of summer and for some guys, crops turned out really well.”

Now is a good time for growers to be putting in seed orders for 2021 since they have had time to analyze the 2020 harvest. Chemical plans should also be made for the coming season.

“As one season wraps-up and we start to park the combines, we are right back looking to the 2021 crop,” Schmidgall adds.


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