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Soy product provides lubricity

EUREKA – One ag company’s name is a bit different and so is the product it is marketing.

Iowa-based Low Mu Tech offers Dust, a soy protein product providing seed lubricity in the planter in place of talc or graphite. Mu is the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet and stands for friction. “Low friction technology” is the concept behind the company.

“Many people don’t like those products that are currently available,” said Low Mu Tech principal and SVP Sales and Marketing Michael Musselman. “They are very dirty and some have been labeled carcinogenic.”

The soy product allows seeds to flow well through a planter meter and the project is sponsored by the United Soybean Board. Dust was commercially released a few years ago and dealers are located in 26 states.

When looking ahead to the next planting season, the farmer is making plenty of difficult decisions and Musselman hopes farmers consider trying the product.

“When you look at the safety aspect of our product and the fact we are using soybeans that the farmer is growing, you combine those with the desire to cleanup a process in planting – I think that makes us unique,” Musselman noted.

Growers can read more about Dust, find a dealer locator or download information at They can also give the company a call directly.

Musselman, of Eureka, was at this summer’s Shorty Stork field night as Shorty is a dealer for Low Mu Tech.


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