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Project hopes to improve rural Internet

BLOOMINGTON – McLean County Farm Bureau is one of several community partners participating in a project that aims to improve Internet access, especially in the rural areas.

“We are looking for ways we can improve access, availability and reliability of Internet in the rural areas,” explains Anna Ziegler, assistant manager for MCFB.

The first step in the process was a survey which the Farm Bureau conducted with members and others around McLean County. The strategic planning effort is a 12-week process to get organized and fine the data needed to demonstrate need.

Ziegler hopes the survey results show a need and puts the county in line for future funding opportunities.

“We know that in today’s day and age, high-speed Internet access is critical.”

Reliable Internet connectivity is not only necessary for kids doing homework or adults working from home but also for farmers to take advantage of precision agriculture services on the farm or checking markets and weather in the office.

This technical assistance program is underwritten by the United Soybean Board through checkoff funds from soybean farmers.

For more information, contact the MCFB in Bloomington at 309-663-6497 or visit


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