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Planter options outlined from Ag Leader

Ag Leader products displayed last week at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

CHATSWORTH – A full line of planting products from Ag Leader was on display last week in Livingston County during the annual Nu-Ag Technology product open house in Chatsworth.

Featured products included Ag Leader’s Surespeed high-speed planting option, Sureforce, the hydraulic down force option and Suredrive which uses the OEM planter meters.

“We can tie right into those and make it into an electric planter,” explains Ag Leader territory manager for Illinois Nathan Zimmerman.

The company’s full suite of steering components was displayed.

“We are showing off what the planter may be looking like in the cab on our demo along with our Agfinity mobile app that is show the communication we have between the displays and our app.”

Zimmerman said Ag Leader is always working on something and some improvements are coming to displays. Also, products are moving which is a good thing. Products are shipping within about two to three weeks currently.

“So, we are doing a little bit better than some out there,” admits Zimmerman.

Company support is offered for end users at Customers can still contact Ag Leader in Ames, Iowa and speak to an actual technical support specialist.


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