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Plan ahead for equipment needs

Soil Max and Ag Leader's display at the 2021 Farm Progress Show / CIFN file photo.

CHATSWORTH – Not only do farmers have to think ahead for parts needs but dealers must as well.

Parts availability is an issue most have run into during COVID. Tim McGreal owns Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth and says his attention is already on next fall.

“If we can get the customer to think ahead four or five months, it sure helps us,” McGreal admits.

McGreal feels his dealership is in a good spot with Soil Max tile plow products due to ordering ahead and keeping stock up. However, Ag Leader products are starting to get a bit tight.

“If guys are thinking ahead and moving along like they should, I think we can still get them supplied with the equipment they need for spring.”

Nu-Ag Technology now offers a new drainage control product known as SD Drain, which adds versatility to the Nu-Ag line of products. SD Drain allows growers to control a Soil Max tile plow and take the control system to other drainage products such as scrapers or dozers used to create waterways. There is plenty of automation involved in the process.

Look for Nu-Ag Technology at the upcoming Midwest Ag Expo at Gordyville Jan. 26-27, displaying Ag Leader and Soil Max equipment.

“That is a great show for the farming community to attend,” said McGreal. “We always like to go down there and see customers.”

For more information, call 815-635-3011 or visit


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