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New tailpipe standard could hurt farmers

A new tailpipe rule has been announced by the Biden Administration that calls for most new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States to be all electric or hybrid by the year 2032.

There is a target of 35 to 56 percent electric vehicle production by eight years and 13 to 36 percent for hybrids. The previous target of President Biden was 67 percent EV production but the administration received pushback from auto workers in Michigan.

Illinois Corn Growers Association says families will lose with the EPA’s new tailpipe standard.

ICGA President Dave Rylander from Victoria, Illinois feels this is a disappointing day for Illinois corn farmers as the EPA has picked their preferred technology for the transportation industry without regard to their published goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

“Their one-size-fits-all solution is for the entire nation to convert to battery electric vehicles, no matter if the infrastructure exists, no matter if the battery materials come from hostile countries, no matter if Americans want to buy these vehicles,” said Rylander.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln has warned this policy could have the unintended consequence of a 50-percent decrease in the price of corn and a potential $100 billion decline in the collective value of farmland in the Midwest. They predict if these forecasts come true, there will be profound implications for the financial viability of Midwestern farming operations and the nation’s food supply.

“Corn-based ethanol can contribute to this very important goal of cleaning the air and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Rylander added.


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