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Monitoring more than just nitrogen

The Nitrogen Pulse display at last week's Gordyville farm show near Gifford.

GIFFORD – While weather is a universal topic that can start a conversation almost anywhere, it drives production too.

Scot Benson of Nitrogen Pulse talked weather and more with growers stopping by his display at the recent Midwest Ag Expo at Gordyville USA.

“We are all after applying the least amount of material that’ll provide the most benefit in crop production and that is the area we focus on,” noted Benson.

Nitrogen Pulse knows how much nitrogen to apply after a soil test is taken and run through the company’s databases to provide a nitrogen recommendation. This works on every grid cell throughout a field.

Along with this is Weather Pulse which monitors the field, deciding whether rainfall received during the growing season is productive or destructive. This tool indicates whether a farm received too much, too little or just the right amount of precipitation.

“We can actually predict what yields will be at the end of the year based off of the daily weather data,” explained Benson.

The company’s developer has built a weather platform for strawberry producers on the coast who are mostly interested in the technology for mulch management. They are involved for the same reason as corn growers – to limit expenses but be able to provide that protection when needed.

“The same measurements we are making for the corn platform, strawberry producers are using. It’s in the beta test stage now.”

Benson feels managing soil temperatures more effectively at planting time is key ,with five days being the goal to get corn out of the ground. If corn stays in the ground un-emerged past 10 days, there is a penalty that is paid on every acre. Weather Pulse gives growers the insight to avoid these situations.

Nitrogen Pulse works closely with GMS Labs of Cropsey, which is one of two labs in the world that run this nitrogen test and are able to produce results. It is a very demanding test with very useful results, according to Benson.

In southwestern DeKalb County, where Benson is located, they have been in one of the drier spots in the state and are now comfortably recharging the subsoil for the first time in over a year or so.

“We are in a good place right now,” observed Benson.

For more on the services offered by Nitrogen Pulse, look for the company online or contact Benson directly at 815-762-4374. The business will help customers find a program that will work best along the way.

“Every farm is different. There are no blanket recommendations.”

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