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Local farmers plugging away at harvest

A truck waits for another load of corn last week northwest of Fairbury / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – Dan Fehr, who farms with his father and uncle in Livingston County, got started early on his corn harvest since he had quite a bit of downed corn from summer wind events.

The moisture was high but they wanted to get some fields opened up for the insurance company to look at the crops.

“We wanted to get some of it out before it gets too dry, otherwise it wants to snap off and plug up the head,” Fehr told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week.

Not only do the Fehrs have twisted cornfields, but there is quite a bit of green snap out there. The yield in some places was surprising but in other areas, Fehr estimates there is 40 to 50 percent damage.

Fehr expects his soybeans to be fairly decent, although he feels some beans didn’t fill out like they should have due to a lack of rainfall in August. The Fehrs plan to do some tile work this fall in addition to the harvest.

The territory Fehr covers includes: Fairbury, Forrest, Chatsworth and McDowell. He said he practically lives in the combine cab during harvest although his uncle will get behind the wheel occasionally.

Jim Martin, who serves as a district six director for the Illinois Soybean Association, farms near Wenona in LaSalle County and has started the 2020 soybean harvest. The Enlist soybeans he has harvested were planted in April, running about 64 bushels per acre and testing 11-12 percent moisture.

“The yield is reasonable, we just can’t complain because we had quite the drought during the month of August,” Martin said. “The seed quality is a little more borderline this year as the seeds are a little smaller.”

Martin hopes everyone has a safe fall season.


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