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'Lights out' on water hemp

A display promoting Kyber herbicide at the Farm Progress Show / Carrie Muehling photo.

A new herbicide is resulting in long lasting weed control, especially on water hemp.

Corteva Agriscience launched Kyber this year which is the company’s new pre-emergence soybean herbicide with three effective modes of action and long residual control. Farmers and ag retailers have been asking for more tools with help with resistance management.

“Water hemp and Palmer amaranth are weeds they are dealing with from a resistance standpoint,” said Corteva U.S. product manager for soybean herbicides, Aaron Smith. “Farmers have asked for those additional tools to help with that fight.”

One of the active ingredients in Kyber is a group 15 herbicide.

“We launched it for this year so farmers and retailers got to experience that and they’ll be able to experience it next year as well.”

Feedback has been positive as growers in Iowa reported residual control past six weeks with this particular herbicide. Smith considers it “lights out” on water hemp. Corteva encourages a program approach to weed control which includes starting clean at the beginning of the season with tillage or burndown then putting down a residual before applying an overlapping residual in-season.

“Any soybean farmer that is interested in it should look into it,” Smith said.

Even as we are still in the fall harvest season, Smith believes it is never too early to think about that program approach. If you notice weed pressure in the field now, it is a good time to consider a fall burndown application in order to start clean come spring.

This is just another way to combat weed issues and resistance which is not going away anytime soon. In fact, Smith warns the situation could get worse.

For more information, growers can visit or

Our Carrie Muehling spoke with Smith during this year’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur at the Corteva display.


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