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Important dates to remember

If you haven’t already, get into your local FSA office by this Wednesday, March 15 to make 2023 farm program elections by crop and farm.

With the Price Loss Coverage, or PLC, option this year, you can add the supplemental coverage option as an endorsement on your crop insurance policy.

March 15 is also the deadline for crop insurance enrollment.

An insurance change for 2023 includes an additional option in Central and Northern Illinois to request coverage on double crops. It is now easier to apply for coverage on double crop soybeans. No history of growing double crop soybeans is required.

Other important dates to keep in mind from an insurance standpoint include early planting dates throughout Illinois for the various crops.

For corn, April 5 is the early planting date in Central Illinois. If you plant before this date, you don’t have multi-peril replant coverage.

With soybeans, April 10 is the early planting date for a large chunk of Central Illinois including Livingston, McLean and Ford counties. The date is April 5 for places to the south like DeWitt or Piatt counties.


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