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Free way to evaluate emergence

The Precision Planting headquarters at Tremont shown in January.

TREMONT – Producers have a way to evaluate emergence this spring planting season and it’s free.

Precision Planting is offering a free flag emergence kit which gives farmers better data on their developing crops.

“We know how important it is to get good emergence,” explained Andrew Feucht, product marketing specialist for Precision Planting. “The question that often gets asked is how do we know if we have uneven emergence?”

Feucht likes to ask farmers when the last time was when they evaluated emergence and how they did it.

“Many of us either take a stroll through the field and take a look and the rest of us are just doing it out of our truck window at 30 miles per hour.”

The flag kit comes with different colored flags to monitor which plants come up on the first day, the second day and so on. It also has tools for recording and gigging those seeds which may not have germinated at all.

“We are closing in on about 8,000 kits already this year and we’ve got plenty more,” added Feucht.

Customers can request as many flag kits as they want and can get them for different crops as well. It is all about education as Precision Planting wants to make sure growers really understand what is happening out in their fields.

Yield checks can be done prior to harvest on those ears from late emerging plants to see how they compare to the rest of the field.

More information ca be obtained by calling 309-925-5050 or by visiting Receive your free flag emergence kit by going to


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