Fields are 'progressing well'

GILMAN – With a variety of crop growth stages out there this year, many area fields are looking good.

“Everything seems to be progressing pretty well,” said Emily Vaughn of LG Seeds.

Vaughn hopes producers sprayed fungicides this summer with all of the wet weather we received in the last month as there is a strong likelihood of disease.

“We are starting to see a little bit of southern rust here and there,” noted Vaughn.

Corn rootworm traps have been placed throughout the region so farmers will know what the best trait platform is moving forward. Be on the lookout for further information on these results.

LG Seeds is launching the new 2022 seed sales season and there is plenty of excitement surrounding the brand. Be on the lookout for several corn hybrids and they now offer all four soybean platforms. LG field days are also planned around the area.

“We invite customers out to look at our plots and get really good data to see how hybrids are progressing.”

For post-harvest yield data and other information, visit The website also has contact information for Vaughn or other local district sales managers. This is also a good source for agronomy topics or to research the various LG Seeds offerings.

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