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Fehr finishes harvest; still more to do

Standing water is shown in Livingston County Monday morning / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – Dan Fehr feels fortunate all of his crops were harvested in time for this past weekend’s rain event.

The Livingston County farmer from Fairbury measured 2.5 inches across most of his farms and would still like to do more fall fieldwork. Fehr wrapped-up his harvest last Thursday.

“We had that first rain spell there when we were out for a couple of weeks and we had about 400 acres of beans left to do and when we were able to get back out there, we were able to get them knocked out,” Fehr told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Fehr experienced downed corn from factors such as wind and tar spot this season.

“It was pretty unusual for the corn to dry down as fast as it did this fall.”

For the first time he can remember, Fehr harvested all of his corn before doing any soybeans. They have been working around the clock doing vertical tillage on soybean stubble and finished up Saturday night ahead of the heavy rain.

“Now we are hoping it dries out so we can put some ammonia on,” said Fehr.

Fehr also works off the farm driving a truck and hauling gas. That is what he was doing Monday as he was able to survey the water across the countryside. He observed much wetter conditions in some places compared to his home farm.

Looking back on the 2021 farming season, Fehr describes it as unusual. His family started planting beans early in the spring when frost got a couple of their fields forcing them to replant. Things seemed to work out though.

“Actually, those fields turned out a little better than we thought,” Fehr admitted.

Fehr is thankful just to be done with his harvest and looks forward to what the next year will bring.


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