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Farmers hopeful for good year

The sun sets over a Central Illinois field recently / CIFN photo.

DOWNS – McLean County farmer Dennis Wentworth is looking for a better farming year in 2022 after plenty of rain fell on his farms last year.

“We just had way too much rain,” Wentworth told The Central Illinois Farm Network at this year’s Midwest Ag expo at Gordyville.

Wentworth said decent crop prices and average yields certainly helped. He did not end up putting on any nitrogen on his own acres last fall, although one of his landowners did. Wentworth wants to maintain flexibility surrounding crop inputs until he is sure of his exact split of corn and soybean acres.

“I think we have a pretty good idea of where we are at but we’ve still got a couple of months here to make that decision.”

While securing herbicide, fungicide and seed has been a bit of a challenge, Wentworth said his local supplier has gone “above and beyond” trying to make sure he has all of his inputs for the year.

Farmers like Wentworth may not be out in the field planting crops just yet, but there is still plenty to do like making crop insurance decisions, securing operating loans and doing taxes.


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