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Farmers fuel football playoffs

BLOOMINGTON – Illinois corn and soybean farmers are fueling the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) football championships this fall – literally. This week, after pairings were announced and brackets were posted, the corn and soybean checkoff programs determined the schools with the longest drives to their first championship game and provided a gift card to purchase the cheaper, cleaner burning renewable fuels that would get them there.

“Fuel is expensive right now and Illinois school budgets are tight. Illinois corn farmers are proud to provide an unleaded88 fuel option that will get vans of students or athletic equipment to the biggest football game so far in the season. For some of these students and coaches, this could be the first experience with a higher blend of ethanol fuel, and I hope they feel good about the cost and the impact they will have on the environment,” said Jim Reed, IL Corn Marketing Board chairman and farmer from DeLand.

“Illinois farmers are delivering a true homecourt advantage with Illinois-grown biofuels. When fueled up with ethanol and biodiesel, we know these championship-bound teams are ready to get the job done, just like we find with today’s biofuels. We’re proud to highlight the good these homegrown, sustainable fuel solutions are bringing to our communities,” said Steve Pitstick, Chairman and ISA District 2 Director from Maple Park.

The partnership between IHSA and corn and soybean farmers in Illinois will continue to focus on biofuels and the role they can play for our future. Soy-based biodiesel and corn-based ethanol are readily available options that Illinois citizens can choose now to have a positive impact on our climate and on the farmers and rural communities in Illinois.

“The IHSA Football Playoffs embody the passion and pride that communities have for their high school athletic programs,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “A piece of that experience can include significant travel, so we appreciate the Illinois Soybean Association and IL Corn helping fuel our schools as they take the road for playoff contests. This savings and support to our schools is sincerely appreciated.”

Follow along as the best high school football teams in the state work their way to the November championship games, featuring locally grown biofuels and Illinois farm families in commercials, social and digital ads, and in-game announcements along the way.

Learn more about the family farmers like Reed and Pitstick and all their neighbors at


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