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Fair's end marks turning crops

A Livingston County soybean field starts to turn on Monday / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – The end of the Fairbury Fair is always a good indicator of crop progress for local farmer Roger Brown.

Since he was a kid, he has noticed someone’s soybeans start to turn by the end of the five-day event in late August.

“I use that as an indicator,” Brown told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week. “Once they start turning, it’s about three to four weeks and they’re ready to combine.”

After adequate rains fell throughout the summer, Brown feels the crops look good.

“We’ve had to mow the yard once a week and when we mow it once a week in August, usually things are good.”

With excessive rains falling during planting season, Brown had some crops along the river get drowned out which led to replanting. Brown said time will tell what kind of fall we have and how things turn out for the farming community. He believes harvest will be on time or even a bit early.

“A lot of our crops got in during the early part of April and we finished corn and beans the first week of May so we’ve had a good growing season,” noted Brown.

Since the growing degree days have been plentiful this season, some crops are starting to mature. Now it all depends on the weather between now and harvest time – whenever that may be.


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