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Downed corn a harvest priority

(CIFN photo)

LEXINGTON – The harvest season is off to a good start for John Schuler who farms with his dad and brother in McLean County.

Harvest for the Schulers started a week ago as they have been going after the downed corn.

“We started at 27 or 29 percent corn and the yields have been decent,” Schuler told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

One field that was standing well performed above average. With disease pressure present in corn stalks, Schuler expects to stay in corn for a while before switching over to soybeans.

“I think we might be one wind storm away from it coming down.”

Beans are turning fast and some of Schuler’s beans could be ready in the next five days. Schuler is eager to get into the bean fields since he has no idea what the yields may be. It will be interesting to see how the heat and disease pressure impact beans.

Schuler used this week’s rain break to repair equipment and haul out dry corn. The Schulers have one full-time employee and seasonal help.

Brian Basting of Advance Trading has observed various harvest activity in his travels around the state. While driving to Henry County, Basting did not see one bean field ready to be harvested or even close to being ready. He has observed several harvested corn fields, however.

Basting has observed some hedge pressure.

“I think it’s more or less moving across the scales with extra bushels,” Basting explained. “The market right now is looking at uncertain prospects for production.”

Issues are surfacing with lower test weights and tar spot in corn.


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