Crops look decent for Zimmerman, Miller

The crops look good across the fields of McLean County farmer JC Zimmerman who farms in the Saybrook and Anchor areas.

“We finished planting corn at the end of April and beans during the second week of May,” Zimmerman told The Central Illinois Farm Network. “We’ve been catching some rains, we got lucky and received 1.2 inches there during one rain about a week ago.”

Not far from Zimmerman’s farm, some growers received over three inches of rain. He said crops went into the ground well during the spring and now his corn spraying is done as soybean spraying finishes.

Zimmerman was at last week’s Ford County Fair helping out as his son Levi showed pigs. Zimmerman is a familiar face each year during the McLean County Fair as he runs the Pork Producer booth there. They will be serving meals during the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of McLean County Fair week in Bloomington.

Kirk Miller was another farmer who could be seen around last week’s Ford County Fair. His family farms in Ford, eastern McLean and southern Livingston counties. Miller also raises show pigs.

“We’ve got a meat business on the side that my mom and dad take care of,” Miller explained.

There are plenty of activities happening on Miller’s farm.

“Our post nitrogen application is done and the corn and early beans are sprayed.”

Miller feels the April planted crops look good. They started planting beans back on April 15. The May and early June planted crops in that area could use some rain though. Miller is hopeful for good yields this fall as long as timely rains continue throughout the season.

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