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Conference spreads across 29 locations

A previous Precision Planting Winter Conference shown in Tremont / CIFN file photo.

TREMONT – A unique agricultural event to kick off the year will take on a new look in January.

The 2021 Precision Planting Winter Conference will not take place in Tremont, but will still feature the same type of content like agronomic research findings and a new product announcement.

“Right now, it’s scheduled for 29 locations across the U.S. and we will have smaller groups,” explained Integrated Marketing Manager Bryce Baker. “Obviously, putting 750 people in Tremont a day is not going to happen this year but we are still having a conference.”

Two event locations in Central Illinois include Pontiac and Champaign. The 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. conference is planned for January 19-22 with a theme of “building your picket fence stand.” Baker notes building a fence is really about setting the posts, or in this case the seeds, properly. The company will walk through what it takes for both setting and spacing seeds.

“We will have a box or plated lunch of some type to provide at these events and will have about nine different sessions this year.”

Location information can be found on the Precision Planting website at or if an event is full, some dealers will host a virtual watch party January 22. A mix of in-person and video presentations will be given.

“There will be quite a bit of content as there always is,” adds Baker.

Baker feels farmers will benefit most from being able to interact with others, while of course maintaining safety. Winter Conference 2021 information is located on the home page of the company’s website or your closest dealer can provide more details.


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