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Company strives to enhance yields

(CIFN file photo)

Enhancing yields is the idea behind Stoller USA, which sells several products including micro-nutrients and plant growth regulators.

“What we really focus on is yield enhancement,” explains Mark Mullen, sales and market development representative.

They believe in looking at a total crop management program and just celebrated their 50th anniversary.

“What we see and what we bring to the marketplace are products that do work and will make the farm money,” added Mullen.

Stoller has products compatible with herbicide tank mixes and another aspect of the business focuses on fungicide tank mixes.

“The product there is Sugar Mover Premier,” said Mullen.

This product has a healthy dose of boron and nitrogen plus plant growth regulators which enhance kernel size and help with ear fill and pod fill. Based on test results in this part of the world, they have seen an average 7-bushel yield increase on corn and 3-bushel or better increase with soybeans.

“We are applying this on beans at R3 but the application window is actually wider than that.”

On corn, it is applied from VT to R1 and in some high-management instances, growers will come back and apply a second dose at R2 or R3 in corn.

Stoller USA is planning a field day at the Precision Planting PTI farm in Pontiac this Thursday, Sept. 8 as they will be showing some of the high-yielding plots. Speakers include Dr. Fred Below from the University of Illinois and Ryan Miller, U.S. director of research for Stoller.

“Precision Planting will be part one of the stops where they talk about what they do,” noted Mullen.

Lunch begins the informative afternoon at 12 p.m. at the PTI Farm in Pontiac with the doors opening at 11:30 a.m.

Shorty Stork is the local Stoller representative and can be contacted at 815-674-4497 to register for this event.


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