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Bose rolls along with corn planting

A newly-planted cornfield shown in Central Illinois last week.

ANCHOR – If Mother Nature cooperates, Terry Bose needs a few days to get his corn in the ground then it’s on to the soybeans.

As of this past weekend, Bose was about 25 percent done planting his 2022 corn crop with 200 acres in the ground. Bose started spring fieldwork last Wednesday and Thursday with spraying and Friday was his first day of planting. While conditions aren’t ideal, growers want to get as much in the ground as possible before more rains come.

“The cold was a big concern and we really had never been dry enough to do anything in our area before,” Bose told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

The Anchor area in McLean County missed the big rains on Saturday, allowing Bose to keep the tractor rolling.

“We had a shower that went through early Saturday morning then we were able to get back in a going right after lunch.”

This is the first year Bose has cereal rye over all of his soybean acres. He hopes to soon start spraying to kill the cover crop prior to planting soybeans.

“Last year, we did some acres as strips and comparisons and then just decided we’d go all in,” Bose said of his cover crop.


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