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A Pork Month visit with Blunier

FORREST – During National Pork Month, our Sarah Michaels recently sat down and talked with Kent Blunier, a hog farmer from Forrest.

Blunier emphasized the importance of proper care and safety precautions for livestock operations like Blunier Farms.

“We have those stop signs out in front of our building, it’s strictly for bio-security,” Blunier explained.

Producers give pigs and other animals the best opportunity, environment and health conditions they can.

“Closing it off allows us to control that environment.”

When most of us were sweating over the summer with extreme temperatures, Blunier’s pigs had plenty of misters and fans to stay comfortable.

Blunier often hosts “pig play days” where visitors come out to his farm to see what farmers do so they have an appreciation for it.

“I’m trying to have everything as safe and as good as I can for those pigs,” added Blunier.


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