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'Decent' yields near Livingston/Ford line

Soybeans were cut last week / photo via Twitter, Jason Birkenbeil.

SIBLEY – Early into the 2020 harvest season, Jason Birkenbeil is seeing better-than-expected yields.

Birkenbeil, who farms between Strawn and Sibley near the Ford/Livingston County line along Route 47, started harvesting corn last Wednesday. Moisture started out around 27 percent then he headed to a different field which seemed drier.

“We got down to about 24 or 25 percent (moisture),” Birkenbeil told The Central Illinois Farm Network over the weekend. “Yields were pretty decent, we were in the 200s.”

Yields were coming in around 211-212 bushels per acre from 110-day corn planted April 20. Birkenbeil also started harvesting soybeans in the past week which were 11 percent moisture and pushing 60 bushels per acre. The soybeans are group 2.7 maturity so they are early.

“Along the Livingston and Ford County line, we missed most of the rains but if you go north of here, things are a lot greener and a little more behind,” Birkenbeil noted.

Birkenbeil has not observed much harvest action in his area aside from neighbors chopping corn silage.

Unlike some areas to the north, Birkenbeil’s fields did escape major wind damage from summer storms. One weather system did move through and knocked some of the tops off the corn. Crops were flattened in a couple of spots.

“Everybody be safe,” Birkenbeil added. “Just remember to keep your fire extinguishers in the combine.”

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