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View from the Cab: Good crops out there

The grass has been green for much of August which means the crops are doing well.

It has been dry as of late, but rains came at a crucial time on many farms here in Central Illinois this summer. Sure those later planted soybeans and even a few cornfields could use a drink, but crops put in the ground in a timely manner last spring could produce some impressive yields.

This year’s corn crop may be in the top five, although things aren’t perfect since flooding rains last spring caused poor plant stands and strong winds this summer twisted some of the corn.

“We were pleased to see that (twisted) corn did go ahead and pollinate,” Tom Kahle told me last week.

Kahle performed his annual yield tour of McLean and Livingston counties with Brian Schaumburg recently. They always cover townships in most of the Prairie Central Cooperative territory, including the McLean County townships of Lawndale, Gridley, Chenoa, Lexington and Yates and the Livingston County townships of Waldo, Pike and Eppards Point.

Wind damage could have hurt the corn 5-10 percent on what the production capability is, according to Kahle. He came up with corn yields ranging from 226-240.

When it comes to soybeans, Kahle and Schaumburg don’t estimate yields but did notice the April planted beans look superior to anything planted in May or later. They feel this year could rival the best year for soybean production.

“This might be the best soybean crop we’ve ever seen in this area,” Kahle noted.

Our fingers are crossed for good kernel depth and test weight this fall and it appears this will hold true. Soil moisture has been good up until this point and the warm sunny days and cool nights are ideal for the grain fill period.

In a time of so much uncertainty, it appears we may actually have some good news to look forward to once the combines start traveling through the fields very soon.

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