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Impressive harvest could be coming

(CIFN file photo)

CHENOA – For more than 25 years, Tom Kahle and Brian Schaumburg have been heading out to do yield checks throughout the Prairie Central Cooperative service area.

This year was no exception and they saw some impressive crops. In fact, we could be looking at a really nice harvest in this area if their predictions are any indication.

“It’s kind of continued over the years and even though I retired (from Heartland Bank) this year, Brian and I still continue to do it,” Kahle told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Thin spots from the spring are still present out in cornfields, they are just hidden. The twisted corn from this summer’s wind damage could be an issue too, although they were pleased to see that corn did pollinate.

Unknowns include mechanical losses with harvest as the damaged corn will combine easier early in the harvest season since the stalks will weaken over time.

“In general, it was the healthiest corn crop I think I’ve ever seen,” Kahle said. “There is very little leaf disease in the corn.”

The warm, sunny days and cool nights have been ideal for grain fill and soil moisture was good during the first half of August. While this may not be the best corn crop Central Illinois has ever seen, it will still be good with average yields ranging from 226-240 in the area Kahle and Schaumburg surveyed.

Soybeans planted earlier in the spring appear to have better chances for higher yields than those planted during May or later. Kahle feels this year will rival the best year for soybean production.

“This might be the best soybean crop we’ve ever seen in this area.”

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