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Spotty rainfall on Monday

Thanks to our Central Illinois Farm Network listeners for checking in with rainfall totals from across the area on Monday.

The totals were spotty, but several farmers received rain nonetheless and that is welcome news during the critical summer growing period. Here are some unofficial totals around the state.

.92 between Arcola and Tuscola

.3 at Saunemin

.4 just south of Strawn

.8 on the south side of Lexington; .3 on the north side.

.4 in southwestern Champaign County

1.1 inches at Bismarck

0 north of Meadows

.6 south of Anchor

.8 between Lexington and Towanda

.9 south of Colfax

.1 northwest of Marshall

.7 at the Nutrien Ag Solutions location west of Fairbury

.1 in Morton

1.25 six miles south of Fairbury

1.57 at Carlock

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