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Time to think about Plant '21

Ground is worked on the Precision Planting PTI Farm at Pontiac during a previous season / CIFN file photo.

Summer is a good time to explore planter options to see what you can do before the next season.

It is possible to build the ideal planter without waiting for the latest technology. Precision Planting encourages growers to change their thinking in the summer.

“You can add technology to your planter now without waiting and get the return on investment that comes from it,” explained Bryce Baker, integrated marketing manager with Precision Planting.

Adding technology typically pays – whether that includes improving emergence, seed placement, nutrient placement or knowledge. Each one of these factors can improve yield and give a grower confidence. Baker said you don’t have to wait to do everything at once.

“You are able to say I want to work with a Premier Dealer and I want to build the planter that suits me best.”

Some are adding downforce control to their planters while others prefer a closing system that adjusts on the go. Precision Planting is offering rebates on various products through September 30. Find out more by talking to an area dealer or by visiting:

Research farm update:

With plenty of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, many events around the globe are impacted. Precision Planting does still plan to hold in-person events outside at the PTI research farm in Pontiac this summer. The field days may have a different feel than before due to social distancing.

“Register to see the farm,” Baker noted. “We will have limited spots available.”

The agronomic research farm allows farmers to examine various pieces of equipment and technology. Agronomist Jason Wester presents information to visitors and a number of field trials will be on display.

“We’ll split everybody up into groups so we don’t have too many people together and we’ll be outside so you should be able to maintain distance and continue to learn,” adds Baker.

For more information on the research farm, search for “PTI Farm” on the Precision Planting main website.

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