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This is Dairy Month

This is the time of year when all things dairy are honored as June is National Dairy Month.

The past few months may have been filled with uncertainty, but you can always count on the dairy farmer’s commitment to feeding Americans. They keep milking cows and planting crops each day while many farmers across the country are donating dairy to local food banks.

Dairy farmers have always been a part of our story during the good times and bad. They operate farms in all states and often pass them down through multiple generations. Around 95 percent of dairy farms are family owned with fewer than 200 cows according to information from the St. Louis District Dairy Council.

Since dairy is perishable, processing plants are typically located near dairy farms, meaning most milk in Illinois and Missouri is processed and sold in local stores. When buying dairy food, you are supporting hard-working farm families around you and positively impacting your community.

St. Louis District Dairy Council has brought the story of dairy foods and farmers to life since 1932 through efforts across a two-state area. For more information, visit the website

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