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Season a mixed bag so far

GIBSON CITY – Much like 2019, the spring of 2020 is turning out to be unkind for some growers.

The weather was perfect in early April and quite a few seeds went into the ground, but from then on, fieldwork has been on and off due to weather delays.

“Places that were wet early are still wet now,” Gibson City farmer Greg Kerber told The Central Illinois Farm Network late last week.

Kerber was still waiting for the wet spots to dry before making more planting progress. He has a couple of days of corn left and a few days to finish-up the soybeans.

“I know some people are completely done and have been done for quite some time.”

The recent heat has been kind to the newly-emerged corn crop which struggled to come up with cold, wet weather in early May. Kerber has experienced some ponding in his fields the past few weeks because of heavy rain. Those ponds have been slow to recede.

During the heaviest rains, Gibson City received up to four inches with only about 1.5 inches falling north and west of town, according to Kerber

Kerber has more side-dressing to do this season compared to years past. That will take priority over some of his spraying at first.

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