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Program helps less fortunate

Dairy West is launching a Curds + Kindness program that will direct surplus, nutrient-rich dairy products to those who are hungry and unable to afford groceries throughout Utah and Idaho. “Dairy farmers want to get dairy foods into the homes of those who need them most,” said Kristi Spence, Dairy West’s senior vice president of marketing. “Because much of our local dairy foods are used in restaurants, schools and hotels, current restrictions have caused a milk surplus. “By working with community partners, dairy companies have devised a mutually beneficial solution that each week will direct nearly 200,000 gallons of milk that would have otherwise been disposed.” Dairy processing plants, which convert milk into dairy products, will transform milk into cheese, butter and other needed dairy foods, instead of discarding the excess. “In an unprecedented collaboration with dairy farmers, dairy companies and local community partners, we have generated a solution that will get significant quantities of consumable dairy products to those in need,” Spence said. Curds + Kindness will continue at least through the end of May.

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