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View from the Cab: The Pond

Kent and kids floating on the Casson pond recently / CIFN photo.

Let me tell you about a place that brings back plenty of memories. This place is located among the area farm fields and not far from the highway.

Our family pond has always been a fun spot to visit during the spring and summer months. I took Rebecca and the kids there on a recent Sunday and we enjoyed taking the small fishing boat out on the still water and a picnic lunch along the shore. Kasen and I even brought the fishing poles along although the fish weren’t biting. It was a tad too chilly to swim, but we’ll be back for that this summer.

We had fun taking a nature walk after lunch and searching for animal prints in the dirt. There were quite a few deer tracks around there and the birds were singing loudly as we strolled past the trees. The kids even spotted a duck swimming up and down the pond on the somewhat cool spring day.

I fondly recall family trips to the pond growing up. Mom, Dad, my brother Curt and I would cookout on the small sandy area we often referred to as “the beach.” We would chow down on Dad’s burgers after spending time swimming, boating and fishing. I thought it was the neatest thing when we got a small motor to put on the back on the boat. Now we were riding in style!

Our entire Casson extended family even had some get-togethers out there. The adults would set up their lawn chairs on the shore while all of the kids swam and played near the water. This was a magical place for little kids to play for hours. Back then, the trees weren’t nearly as tall and it seems the water was a bit deeper.

In the later years of my childhood, Curt and I made several fishing trips to the pond. There were certain fishing hotspots we would seek out when arriving. The recipe for success entailed using worms and tossing some fish food out at dusk. Huge catfish would jump out of the water which was quite a sight to see. We’ve caught our share of catfish and bluegill over the years.

I look forward to the future memories I’ll make with my own children at the pond. This is a place where we can escape our worries and Lord knows we could use a place like this these days.

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