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Atkins Seed agronomy update

Dale Atkins, left and Dean Atkins shown during their field day last fall / CIFN file photo.

CHENOA – There are many questions on the minds of farmers these days, including how those seeds are doing in the cold ground.

Recent cool and wet conditions have not only slowed planting progress but also emergence of what has already been planted.

“Both corn and soybeans require approximately a minimum of 50-degree temperatures before they grow,” explains Dale Atkins of Atkins Seed Service. “Of course, they grow faster as the temperature elevates toward 85.”

We have not been experiencing this type of weather which is why crops have very slow growth so far. In fact, very few growing degree units have been accumulated.

“It is almost getting toward a month before emergence – it is taking a while,” added Atkins.

This shows the importance of seed treatments which is why modern hybrids can handle extreme conditions that would have resulted in a crop failure years ago. The modern treatments are the key to establishing a healthy, uniform stand. Treatments are very involved these days with more than one chemical on that seed coat. Different products protect against disease, insects and nematodes.

Atkins notes the crops coming up slowly have the proper protection with seed treatment and will establish the stand which will result in the yields we expect later in the year.

For more information, contact Atkins Seed Service at 815-945-5113. The business is located between Chenoa and Fairbury along Route 24.

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