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Having the right tools important

Eric Ifft, Bayer, and others participate in an agronomy panel in Chatsworth last month / CIFN photo.

The key to doing any job is having the right tool and this includes fighting weeds.

“A very easy job can be difficult if you don’t have the right tool,” said Eric Ifft of Bayer Crop Science.

Ifft feels growers must control weeds and those tools include the modes of action in herbicides. It is important to understand what the different modes of action do and how they work.

“The mode of action is how it works in the weed,” explains Ifft. “Site of action is where it works.”

We currently have around 10 herbicide modes of action and Ifft encourages growers to look at using more residual weed control tools together as the best way to mitigate resistance. This leads to the best control on a farm.

“Stop them from ever coming up,” Ifft said.

Growers currently have the tools to do just that.

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