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Ag plays in Peoria

David Sohl stands next to the Schaffert Mfg. closing system at the Greater Peoria Farm Show Thursday / CIFN photo.

PEORIA – This week’s 38th annual Greater Peoria Farm Show brought out the latest in agricultural technology and services.

David Sohl, owner of Sohl Ag in Norfolk, Nebraska, had a booth with a planter closing system on display from Schaffert Manufacturing.

“With the Schaffert equipment, we’ve got the best closing wheels according to Beck’s Seed and we’ve also got the best closing system and planting system for the bottom half of your planter,” Sohl explained.

Schaffert also carries parts for no-till drills and cultivators. The closing system is different than the average planter which typically goes up and down four inches and starts picking the front end up after those four inches.

“With ours, we have 11 inches of travel so you can go down through little ditches and dead furrows and it will just keep planting.”

The company’s Zipper and Mohawk closing wheels are highly rated, according to Sohl, and great for both no-till and conventional tillage operations.

Sohl also displayed a tire sealant called Liquid Tube and a friction fighter known as Extreme. With Liquid Tube, a half-inch hole on a semi tire can be fixed on the fly and the same is true for a three-quarter inch hole in a tractor tire.

“We keep the tires on a skid steer loader and we have a lot of positive results with that,” said Sohl.

Extreme reduces friction in an engine and can treat water in the radiator. It also gets rid of the bubbles on the side of casting.

For more on Sohl’s offerings, call or text 218-234-6500, e-mail or visit

The Greater Peoria Farm Show was held Tuesday through Thursday at the Peoria Civic Center featuring over 110,000 square feet of exhibits and more than 280 exhibitors. Professor Elwynn Taylor presented his annual crop weather outlook and specialty meats from Alwans were served daily for lunch.

Central Illinois Ag provided free coffee and rolls for visitors in the morning while the Agrinews sponsored a $1,000 showbucks drawing every afternoon.

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