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Pre-harvest tips from KSR

Kevin Yoder of KSR Equipment examines a combine in the shop / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – Producers are advised to give their combine a thorough look over before heading to the field this fall.

Belts and chains should be checked before that first day as conveyor chains can start to bow back if they become slightly loose. This can lead to an inefficient conveyor system.

“Some of the things we commonly overlook are the rock trap and our covers on the grain tank,” explains Kevin Yoder, a salesman for Kelly-Sauder-Rupiper Equipment in Pontiac.

A great time to look the combine over each day is early in the morning when the machine is being fueled up.

“Check your hydraulic levels,” suggests Yoder. “It’s an easy way to see if the hydraulic level is low.”

Daily greasing is strongly recommended as anything needing 10 to 25 hour greasing should be greased every morning. This also gets you into the machine to examine bearings.

“If you do have a bearing going out, it could create a fire,” Yoder said.

A leaf blower or air compressor should be used to blow the machine off each day, as dust and residue tends to collect around the engine compartment, shielding and behind belts or pulleys. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure all lights are in working order – especially the hazards.

Some growers even put rear-facing cameras on the back of their combine to not only see what is behind them in the field but also on the road. The camera may need to be wiped often as it tends to collect dirt from the back of the machine.

KSR Equipment is an area John Deere dealership with locations in Pontiac, Streator and Lacon. The business helps any type of farm operation with their sales, integrated solutions, parts and service teams. The partners involved with KSR have over 200 years of experience in the agriculture industry.

More information can be found online at or by calling 815-842-1149.

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