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Aberle: Corn could be a mixed bag

GIBSON CITY – Corn which went into the ground during May has good potential but the later planted corn in June is a mixed bag at this point, according to Randy Aberle who farms in the Ford County area.

“In the immediate Melvin area and even down to Gibson City, we just haven’t received any of those bigger rains,” Aberle told The Central Illinois Farm Network. “I don’t think we’ve had more than three or four tenths in any one shot basically since the rain shut off back in June.”

Aberle is aware of some neighbors wanting to venture out into the fields with their combines this week even though the majority of farmers won’t start harvest until the first part of October. A few of the early soybeans are starting to turn but the corn has plenty of time left.

Aberle was among farmers from throughout Central Illinois who visited the recent Farm Progress Show in Decatur. He said he could not remember a show with that nice of weather and crowds.

R.A. Seeding Solutions, which Aberle operates, is a full line Precision Planting dealer which also carries 360 Yield Center products. It may seem odd, but Aberle believes now is the best time to buy products. It is always good to make sure equipment is in good working order.

“Some guys will go through and do maintenance on the planters where it’s field ready when they put it away and other guys kind of blow them off, put them away and wait until spring.”

We caught up with Aberle during a recent CIFN Sports Central Game of the Week football broadcast from Gibson City.

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